Moisture Vaporators Spotted In Buenos Aires [Moisture Vaporators]

from Gizmodo by Jack Loftus

The Buenos Aires government would have done the late Owen Lars proud with their newly installed $5 million Intelligent Monitoring Towers. Designed to collect information about the city’s air and noise quality, we can easily see these 42 towers being at home collecting moisture on a dusty planet in a certain binary star system far, far away. The towers measure cobalt, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, benzene and humidity (just like on Tatooine!).

When the program is fully functional by the end of 2008, city officials expect to have a complete map of the environmental quality of the city. They’ll use that info to influence bus routes and improve overall quality of life for citizens. No word yet on whether that will require any power converters from Tosche Station. [Treehugger]

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